Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy Holidays and New Year Resolutions

Since Christmas and New Year's Day both fell on a Friday and our company has given us the 28th and the 31st, my dear Boss had allowed me to take the 2 working days in between and make a 10-day holiday. That was the best birthday present she gave me! :)

I was really looking forward to going away somewhere - somewhere far and somewhere with a nicer weather - but it was that time of the year and everyone wanted to spend time together, so even though we only went up to Blue Mountain for 3 days, we were kept very busy.

I don't remember if I had mentioned this, but Mom's friend who bought the much-loved KitchenAid stand mixer had came back from Hong Kong. It was sad to have to pack it up andl et it go. I must have spent a good 10 minutes holding onto the box after it was all packed up. But then again, it was great to see Mom's friend, and I had specially baked again to make sure they would get their share of cranberry orange scones, which they love and often rave about.

We managed to squeeze in time to meet up with my dear friends Eva and Michelle, and even got time to shop around for snowboarding gear (which I remember posting about now that I mention it). I don't know if anyone's reading this, but here's a huge THANK YOU to them and everyone else for the birthday wishes!!

Since I turned yet another year older, I thought I would make a few resolutions and stick to them, but it's only been the third work day of 2010 and I've already broken a few. Like getting to work earlier. Or going to the gym as scheduled.

It's sad.

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