Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Rush for Nothing

Apparently we were supposed to get visitors from the American company who bought us out today, and I had been asked to set up the boardrooms here in our building for them to enjoy their lunch. We were told to dress in "business attire" so we dressed up - I even woke up early to do my makeup - which I rarely do for work.

At 11:15 AM the delivery lady called me to the front doors to pick up the trays, I rushed over with my trolley and set to work. By 11:30 AM we had almost finished brewing the second pot of coffee, put the kettles on for tea, and set up the plates, salad, sandwiches and cookies on the table along with cream and milk and sugar for the tea/coffee. Then we got the call - the receptionist from the main building said there's been a change of plans and the lunch is going to happen over there instead. Great. We rushed to get the trays and coffee pots and all back onto the trolley just in time for her to hurry it into the main building. So much for all the briefings and rush to find tables fitting for the boardrooms and to clean and tidy up the place and the makeup - turns out they weren't necessary after all.

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