Monday, January 11, 2010

Bobby's Hideaway in Streetsville

Boasting the best breakfast in Streetsville, Bobby's Hideway is the place we keep going back to for a good hearty meal. We go there from time to time for a nice weekend brunch, but today it was the perfect choice for a quick lunch because it's close enough to work. The place is cozy - fitting for a causal neighborhood diner, but the service was curt. Today B had an eggs benedict, while I had an eggs florentine (which is basically the same as the eggs benedict except for the addition of spinach). Each came with harshed potatoes that tasted great after ketchup and your choice of all-you-can-drink coffee or tea. For the bill ($25 for two including tax and tips) and taste, Bobby's definitely is a good alternative to the pricey Cora's Breakfast and Lunch, if you're not after Cora's dazzling array of options.

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