Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Frugality or Stinginess?

Much to our surprise, the coworker who leeches on us for lunch actually called to offer lunch - and we soon found out why: she's managed to scavenge what's left of the salad from the business lunches we had to set up (then relocated to the main building) yesterday. It's one thing to be frugal, and I absolutely hate seeing any food go to waste, but trying to disguise leftovers as a goodwill gesture is just plain tactless!

Update: We heard the story from some people outside of our department about what had happened that afternoon. Apparently she didn't just come upon the leftover salad - she's stalked the receptionist to the lunchroom and bagged it right after the receptionist announced that there were salad, sandwiches and cookies for everyone while the whole room watched and sneered. We were told because someone had complained to their manager and an e-mail is circulating about her less-than-gracious behaviour. Now that's embarrassing.

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