Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Avatar was AWESOME!!

For the fourth time in this past two weeks, we went to the theatre hoping to see Avatar on the IMAX screen. The first time we went on my birthday and saw a huge lineup before we even saw the sold out sign. Over the last weekend we made 2 more attempts, and the theatre staff had smartened up to put the sold out signs on the doors so we didn't even have to step inside to find out while they didn't have to repeat the same answer. We decided to give it another try last night, thinking that we would probably get a better chance on a Monday as the theatre wouldn't be as busy. Wrong. B was just saying "if the IMAX show is sold out again..." and didn't even get to finish his sentence when we saw the sign highlighting the sold-out showtimes in red. We finally gave up and bought tickets to see the regular 3D version. Apparently, you have to purchase the tickets 3 days in advance to see the IMAX show, and then there's an hour and a bit of a line-up to get into the show. We couldn't wait to see it, so we just settled for the 3D. Which is still awesome. Not so much for the story, but it was a feast for the eyes with all the wonderful scenery of the alien planet.

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