Thursday, December 17, 2009

Twin Zumba Instructors

Since I had been skipping out on our exercise routine lately, I had decided to squeeze in some gym time last night. And since I was going alone, I thought I would just pop by the closest one from work - the 24HR co-ed Goodlife on Derry at Millcreek. I ran to boost my heart rate then went at the machines, and I even worked on my abs for a bit. Even though it is also a co-ed gym like Square One, this location was much less crowded, and the machines looked much more decent. There is also a secluded women-only section right next to the locker room so you didn't even have to venture out there if you don't wish to be seen by any member of the opposite sex. I actually really enjoyed working out at this location.

As I was finishing up, I saw that a Zumba class was starting in the studio, so I popped in because I really, really, really missed it. I mean, it's been 3 weeks since my last Zumba class and I was dying to get my groove on. As it turns out, the instructor on stage had a twin sister who is also an instructor. They got us into 2 lines and started dancing with each other to encourage us doing the same and it was just like an awesome party! Definitely one of the best Zumba classes I've been to.

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