Monday, June 28, 2010

recovery weekend

Hell is finally over, or so I hope.  After being awaken around 3 a.m. on Friday I couldn't get back to bed, so I started my weekend with a lot of LOL practice.  I think they must have done something with Shen in the latest update patch because he used to be a better tank and much less squishy.

When the sun came up, I decided to hit the gym for some last minute shape-ups and tried a spinning class.  Boy, I thought I'd never sweat so much in BodyAttack, but this group cycling class they call "All Terrain" had me soaked 5 minutes into the routine.  I loved the music, but kept feeling like I couldn't go on every time the instructor cued us to increase the resistance.  I got a little wobbly coming off the bike, and my neck and shoulders were sore.  Otherwise, I felt great!  I think I will give it another try, this time sticking to instructions about upping the gear - I kinda cheated and kept the resistance about the same throughout most of the class.  It's definitely a good alternative to the high-impact BodyAttack.

After my workout I headed over to B's - I wanted him to see what I would be wearing to his cousin's wedding.  He didn't like the blue dress Michelle and I had picked out, so I went in a black chiffon dress instead.  Getting ready took longer than expected and since B's mom volunteered to do my hair, I didn't get to attend the ceremony. We did make it in time for the reception though.  It felt quite uncomfortable - I must have had way more hairspray in my hair than I'd normally use in a year and I had on makeup so thick that I had to wash my face twice to remove it all.

But it's worth it, don't you think?

I spent the rest of the weekend in Markham because I wasn't going to drive after all those glasses of wine Saturday night and I had a splitting headache on Sunday (maybe a hangover?).  It was definitely nice to not have to worry about anything - and now that mom's back from HK, I'm hoping that everything will be OK.

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