Friday, June 25, 2010

stint in parenting

Since Mom's in HK taking care of family matters, I had to stand in as "Mommy Junior".  And let me tell you - being Mommy Junior has not been easy nor fun.  I keep wondering how Mom does it - she must be superwoman or something!

Something's always going wrong and something always comes up - like yesterday when his bus from Wonderland came late and we ended up coming home at 6:30, only to have to rush out again to replace his glasses that were lost on a water ride.  Then Dad insisted on take-outs despite the mound of cooked food in the fridge, but changed his mind when I called him from the restuarant.  By the time I finished cooking it was already past 9:30 and I was just too drained to meet up with my friends as planned.

I am now pretty convinced that I don't want any kids - especially since I can't see myself not having to work.  It's just too stressful to have to deal with so much, and it'd made me appreciate Mom more.

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