Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I probably shouldn't be ranting about this but I'm quite annoyed by the fact that my parents still fuss over my brother (who is only 2 years junior) like a baby while treating me so indifferently.  Case in point - we realized that my car has been overdue for an oil change during our Tremblant trip.  I'm worried - I am usually OK with things like this but last time we got the oil change done at Costco they didn't put a sticker to state when the next one should be - so I only realized when the "maintenance required" light came on (and after panicking and perpetually sensing a weird smell that no one else notices).  So I mentioned that I need an oil change for my car.  If it had been my brother - Mom would have offered to take care of the whole thing for him, right away, no questions asked.  With mine - that's a different story.  Not that I mind taking care of my own vehicle, as I should be doing, but it's just small things like that that show what a huge difference it is to be a son rather than a daughter.

Anyway, to take out some stress I thought I would need some sweet.  Our dessert du jour was sago pudding with coconut Cream and sweet ripe mango:

I had ripe mangoes that needed to be consumed because I'd rather pay 8 bucks for 18 than 6 bucks for 5, and I had some coconut cream that would be divine with the mangoes. But I didn't find black sticky rice at home, so we couldn't make that famous mango coconut rice pudding found in all decent thai restaurants. We did have some sago, which is finicky to get just right, but I thought it was worth a shot. And after the sago is done, all I've done is to layer - sago first, then coconut cream, then chopped mangoes - YUM!

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