Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Firefly @ First Markham could use some training in customer service

We stopped by Firefly Seafood and Steakhouse at First Markham Place for a quick bite over the weekend and for me it was the first time.  I have always been curious about it because of the commercials and this restaurant seemed to have lasted longer than the usual in the plaza, but I didn't think I would have set myself up for some major disappointments.

The portions were quite generous, considering the vibe and the prices but the food was only OK - it's nothing to rave about.  Service, on the other hand, was HORRIBLE.  Our server must have really not wanted to be there and throughout our visit he has not once smiled.

Since it was taking so long, we had asked our waiter to change one of the drinks included in the combo.  He nodded, muttered something, and disappeared.  A while later another waiter brought our drinks - without having made the switch we asked for.  When we questioned, the first waiter came by to finally let us know that he couldn't change it because the drink was already made.

Then the dishes weren't placed on the table - it was more like it was thrown at you - and not once had they got the right dish to the right person.  And the waiters didn't bother to ask neither, they just dropped them off and left.

Then one of the waiters tried to pick up something and somehow knocked over a glass of water and spilled it onto our bags and onto B - but there was no apology nor offer to help clean up.  We had to move our stuff out of the way so they don't get soaked, and we had to ask before they gave us paper towels.  I know you can't expect much from a Chinese restaurant, but this was one of the worst experiences ever.  I certainly won't go to this place ever again, and I would never recommend it to anyone.

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