Monday, March 29, 2010

My scarf done, his scarf unbound

I had almost finished my scarf last week and managed to get some help from my coworker who's an expert knitter - to get a nice edge at the end, binding off must be done in pattern - which means my knitting all the way through when I bound off B's scarf was what caused it to go all ruffled and fluttery. So I bound off in pattern for my scarf by knitting where there is a knit and purling where there is a purl, which wasn't all that tricky and difficult to do. And despite the lack of even tension, it turned out much nicer than B's scarf, which I have to undo anyway because it's not quite long enough.

Well, as I was knitting B's scarf Mom had insisted that it was getting way too long and kept nagging me to bind off already. I gave in after the scarf grew as tall as me and bound off - and the first thing Mom blurted out after seeing it on B was "why is it so short?"!! I didn't really know what to do but I seeked advice from my coworker who suggested that I can undo the binding to add more length - so that's what I did. Revealing the end that I've weaved in was not the hard part - but taking it out was another story. I was iffy about it because I've never done it before and I don't consider myself skillful enough to not mess it up, and it did prove difficult for the first few stitches when I didn't know which loop to put back on to my knitting needle and which loop I let go. But after awhile I realized that all I had to do was to insert the needle where the yarn has gone through and before long I had gotten into a rhythm of reverse-knitting. Thank goodness I had all 54 stitches picked up as I wasn't that fond of the idea of ripping out and redoing the whole scarf.

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