Monday, March 22, 2010

Mont Tremblant

I just LOVE skiing at Mont Tremblant - whether it's about the sheer size of the mountain or the amazing scenery or the great restaurants - it's just so much better than the local ski resorts in Ontario so much so that it's totally worth the 6 - 7 hours drive.

Can't really remember how many times we've gone skiing at Mont Tremblant, but we try to do it once a year - and this year we only managed to go at the end of my brother's March Break - which is fine, except that it's been exceptionally warm this year and the conditions weren't the best we've seen on this mountain.  Either way, we can't complain - we still got 2 full days of snowboarding and didn't miss all the trails that were closed.

And because of the warm weather we weren't expecting much in terms of snow - in fact we even considered cancelling the whole trip - so we weren't really disappointed or anything with the slush and ice.  Friday was so warm that my brother was snowboarding in just his T-shirt and jacket - without any fleece or scarf.  Even in the evening we were able to walk around without our outer shell.

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