Thursday, April 15, 2010


I don't know if she's just rubbing it in, but the coworker who got me sick keeps telling me that "it'll get worse, and THEN after you'll get better". Geez. If she hadn't selfishly and inconsiderately stood over my shoulder to babble on about her kids or to bother me with her son's math homework when she was sick, I wouldn't have gotten this lingering cold to begin with!!! I mean, who does that?? I'm sick and I lay low when I come into work - I don't want to pass the cold onto anyone else. One person suffering from this lingering cold enough, it'd be horrible if anyone else comes down with it too.

And she still wants to talk, even though I could hardly speak with my sore throat. Or maybe that's why she wants to talk, because then I'd be forced to listen to her endless monologue about how hard life is treating her.

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