Sunday, April 25, 2010

Love me, Love me kNots

After trying out different stitches and patterns for Michelle's scarf, I finally settled on this crochet stitch called "love knots", or "lover's knots".

I was drawn to it because of its name, and also because it was exactly the kind of texture I was looking for - simple and lacy - just perfect for summer wear.  And it worked really well with the multicolor yarn that I picked - the other patterns I had tried usually get lost in the colors and don't show like they are supposed to.  So I am very happy when I finally found this stitch, and even happier when I realized how quickly it grows.  From start to finish it took me less than a week, and I had to stop myself from continuing despite having yarn left because it was getting too long - even after wrapping around my neck it still fell close to my knees.

I had so much fun working up this scarf, I hope Michelle will like it too!

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