Friday, April 9, 2010

Sick... Yuck!

Thanks to my industrious coworker who has decided to come to work this past week despite her lingering cold (so she could gossip, surf the net and dial on speaker phone), I've got a sore throat and a splitting headache.  The problem is, when I get sick, my nose doesn't run like it should - instead of coming out through my nostrils, the gunk somehow gets stuck in my throat and I can't breathe.  I was told that it's called "post-nasal drip".  I guess the lack of sleep was a contributing factor too, and the weather's just been horrible.  I've practically finished my supplies of Halls and the non-drowsy NeoCitran is making me really sleepy.  Bleh!

On a brigher note, B and I are back to the tables for talk, although I can hardly speak with the lump in my throat.  At least he is willing to approach the subject more rationally this time around...

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