Sunday, April 11, 2010

Michelle's Scarf in Progress

I keep starting then unravelling the scarf for Michelle - I've picked out this yarn with gorgeous colors but I just can't decide on the pattern!  First I tried just a simple knitted lace pattern on my Size 9 needles and it looked quite nice - except I was hoping for bigger holes in the lace so that it could be worn as a summer scarf too.

I turned to crochet for more of an "open" lace pattern:

But it turns out that this yarn with its varigating colors is not quite suiting this pattern as the shells sort of got lost in the colors.

So I undid that, and dug out my 15-mm needles (my coworkers called them needles-on-steroids) to work a simple yo/k2tog lace pattern, but that slid off the needle accidentally and it was a nightmare trying to pick up all the stitches.

So now I'm onto the next pattern - in crochet, because it feels like crocheting grows faster than knitting.

I don't know when Michelle will ever see this scarf finished!!

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