Friday, May 21, 2010

Challenge: No Oven Allowed - Lemon Mascarpone Cake

It was another one of my dear coworkers' birthday coming Monday, but since we are not going to get to spend it together (unless they wanted to show up at work on Victoria Day, I know I don't), we had a little celebration today.

The weather was so nice yesterday though, which meant that our kitchen was already hot like an oven and turning on our actual oven would have caused us heat strokes.  So baking is not an option, but I still had to turn out a cake nice enough to be a present for my coworker, so I improvised.

I didn't want to make Tiramisu because I didn't have good quality dark chocolate on hand, but I remember a really nice cake from Metro that was made with lemon and mascarpone cheese.  I figured I could substitute the coffee with a lemon syrup and just leave out the chocolate and make it as if I was making tiramisu, and the cake turned out quite nice:

The lemon flavour went really well with the mascarpone cream, and the ladyfingers bursting with lemon syrup provided just the right tang and balanced out the richness of the cream.  The cake was really refreshing and perfect for summer - I am definitely going to make this again.

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