Wednesday, May 19, 2010

my obsession

I was never really into makeup and all that, but even as a kid, I had been fascinated with nail colors and all the other pretty things you could do with it.  Of course, being thrifty as I am, I have only played around with DIY nail art - salon manicures and pedicures are overpriced, and I can't stand sitting idle while my hands and feet are being worked on.  I did want to try gel nails, which was the newest trend when I went back to Hong Kong, and all those crystals and embellishments looked so yummy (the decals were in shapes of sweets and strawberries). My vacation time was limited though and there were so many friends and families to visit so I never got the chance to sit for a gel manicure.  Other than that, I enjoy trying out new colors on my nails in the comfort of my own home, and over the years I've ended up with quite a collection of nail colors:

But how could I pass up the sale when Rexall was having a "nail event" with everything 50% off?  So I ended up splurging a bit (OK, maybe a little bit more than a bit), and picked up several new colors from Nicole by O.P.I.  That's usually a brand I don't buy because it's about five times the price of what I usually pay, even though their color selection is quite attractive.  Now why would I spend 10 bucks on a bottle of nail polish when I can get a similar color for 2 bucks, knowing that I may not even use it more than twice?  But with this sale event, they became reasonably-priced, so I figured it's the best time to treat myself.

Compared to my usual brands, Nicole by O.P.I. was easy to apply - it goes on smoothly and only needed one coat to give a vibrant color.  It also dried quickly, which is another bonus.  So I guess you do get what you pay for, but I still can't justify spending 10 bucks on one nail polish and I'd rather get more variety with that same amount of money - can you?

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