Saturday, May 1, 2010

Zen Gardens

Since B's good friend is a vegetarian, the choices are quite limited when we'd like to meet up for dinner.  However, she's been raving about this place called Zen Gardens in Mississauga and would really like us to give it a try.   I live in Mississauga and I have never heard of this place, and here she is, a girl from Brampton, telling us about this wonderful restaurant.  I had doubts because B is a meat eater and I like my veggies, but I don't consider myself a vegetarian.

Boy, were we surprised!  The restaurant wasn't hard to find, although it is quite remote.  (Derry and Hwy. 10 isn't anywhere close to where we frequent - there really isn't anything much around there.)  I guess a Zen garden is supposed to be secluded.  The restaurant itself is very pretty - the decor was simple yet chic and elegant.

And the food - the food!  Close your eyes and your tastebuds would trick you to think what you are savoring on your palate is a tender piece of meat or a perfectly cooked bite of salmon.  Their Sweet & Sour Bites were even better than the original version made with ribs.  The only thing we didn't enjoy too much was the vegetable curry - the sauce was too thick and heavy and it just didn't measure up against the other dishes.

We didn't miss the meat at all, and while it's good for the stomach to skip the meat once in a while, it didn't dig too deep a hole in our wallets neither.  Usually anything claiming to be vegetarian or vegan comes with a hefty price tag as well, but Zen Gardens is reasonably priced.  On our way out, we noticed that one side of the restaurant is actually partitioned into a little shop for tea leaves and equipments.  It's a shame we didn't have enough time to browse through the store, but that's OK, because we are already planning our next visit.

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