Monday, May 17, 2010

our sunday date: iron man 2 and ruelo

We went to the movies this weekend and Iron Man 2 was entertaining, because I only took it at face value and enjoyed the visuals immensely.  B, on the other hand, thought the plot to be lacking, but he won't disagree that he'd had a good time too.

We also stopped by Ruelo Patisserie at Times Square in Richmond Hill.  We have heard great things about it – even named as a must-try by a fellow foodie who was studying to work in the food industry.  It was totally disappointing. The décor was simple and chic, but the cake display case was oriented to the narrow side of the store rather than the spacious front. The colorful macarons were squished in long and narrow dishes and the plates of desserts on the bottom could have used a better arrangment.

The much anticipated tasting of the macaron left me feeling cheated. Maybe I was biased, but I was expecting something better when I was paying over 2 bucks for a macaroon that disappeared in 2 bites. It was too soggy and chewy – not the light, airy, crunchy crust with a moist interior that I had fallen in love with.  It must have waited just a little too long in the refrigerated display case.  B had never tried a true macaron but he wasn't impressed neither.  We also got a "ruelo" - their signaure dessert with dark chocolate mousse, creme brulee and crispy praline.  I was enticed by the creme brulee, but I couldn't taste it because the dark chocolate mousse was so overpowering.  Granted it was a nice dessert, but it's nothing out of this world.  I guess I was expecting to be blown away but it had failed to do so.  Coffee was smooth and strong, just how I like it, but it was lukewarm and by the time I got to the last sip it was cold.  Overall, Ruelo’s treats were visually appetizing but way overpriced for the quality you get.  B even vowed to never go there again.

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