Monday, May 31, 2010

Yummy Weekend

Another yummy weekend - I got entrusted with the task for grocery-shopping and making dinner this Saturday while B was helping out his mom in the afternoon.  I saw these mangosteens on sale and I just could not resist picking some up.

I LOVE mangosteen, which has also been called the Queen of Fruits.  They never used to be availabe in these parts of the world until recently, and when we did find them, they were outrageously expensive.  These ones here were on special for less than 4 bucks a pound at Foody's (compared to the usual $6+), and even though they are small, they were simply delish.

We also had pretty strawberry meringues from Cake One - one bite and I was in heaven!  Granted, these were quite distant from the perfect macaroon (for one, these weren't filled) - but they were addictive nonetheless.  I could never stop at just one.

I also attempted a beef brisket stew with daikon radish and chives - it was a gruesomely long process where the beef brisket had to be boiled for 3+ hours with ginger, green onion, soya sauce, rice wine, Szechuan pepper, star anise and cinnamon bark.  Chunks of daikon radish were added in the final hour so they don't get overcooked to mush, and chives went in just before the stove is turned off.  But the efforts paid off - even B was impressed - and he doesn't get impressed often by my cooking attempts.

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