Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Mother's Day Weekend

Mother's Day fell on Sunday of this weekend, so there were lots to do - with his mom and mine.  I managed to get some much needed time for me too.  Friday night I finished a knitted strawberry keychain for B's mom, and started to knit another amigurumi. 

On Saturday, I finally got to get shopping done - as I had been hoping to do for at least a month - only to be burdened with that guilty feeling knowing I should really be saving $$$ right now.  But I found so really good deals, like a-jacket-in-a-pocket  from Old Navy, on clearence and an extra 50% off - it's perfect as a raincoat and it's under $7 tax in!  And a hoodie - I know I'm obsessed with hoodies with zipper-fronts but my fave hoodie was quite worn out and I found a nice pink one for only 10 bucks.  I guess it suits my shopping style anyway, diving straight to the sale section before anything else, and now that money's tight I am considering and reconsidering before I make the purchase, so what I picked up must be what I really  needed.  Or really really really wanted.

Saturday night we spent with B's mom - sort of - because we went to a dinner/show and didn't get seated together.  The food was only so-so - everything was only lukewarm when served, it being held in a big banquet hall.  The show was quite entertaining though, I guess because we didn't expect much from this Hong Kong actor that we could only recognize but not put a name to the face.

Sunday was for my mom - too bad B couldn't make it because we bought live oysters (his favorite) and clams and mussels - yummm.  We had an assembly line set up - Fei cleaned them up with, Andy dug the knife into the hinge of the oysters, and I cleaned and plated them.  We are experienced in oyster shucking, and I came away from shucking oysters unscathed, but ended up with two cuts when a mussel shell broke into pieces trying to pry it open.  We also made garlic toasts to go with the tender mussels cooked with garlic, onion, tomato and basil - turned out great despite not having any white wine on hand.  Shucking the littleneck clams, on the other hand, proved difficult - probably because we haven't done it as often.  Kenneth got this great idea to pop them into hot water first and it did make things easier, but some of them got cooked and as they get cooked they turn rubbery.  After much struggle we opened those too, and they were even sweeter than the oysters.  Next time we are definitely buying clams in addition to the oysters.

For dessert Fei bought these gorgeous cupcakes from the designer cookie topped with buttons that say "Happy Mother's Day".  They were almost too pretty to eat!

We weren't too fond of the buttercream, however, because it's too heavy and sweet.  Buttercream iced cupcakes aren't really suitable for Mom and Dad - I think they would have enjoyed something from a Chinese-style bakery more.  It was a nice thought though, and Mom is quite content with just looking at these adorable treats.

I did get to finish my weekend project:

and managed to start my first cable project too!

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